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Arturo Arriagada

Associate Professor in the School of Communications at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the London School of Economics. In the last three years he is been the author-editor of three books about 1) the impact of ICT's in everyday life; 2) audiences' media consumption practices, and 3) the relation between media and democracy. His work has been published in the Journal of Communication, Online Information Review, International Journal of Communication, and the International Journal of Press and Politics.

By now he is researching the everyday practices of fashion bloggers in Santiago, a project funded by CONICYT (Chile's National Science Commission) and also working on a research project called "I share, therefore I am", an analysis of the practices, discourses, and digital technologies that Chilean youth use to share information in the digital age

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Joanne Entwistle

Reader in culture and creative industries in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries department at King's College London.

She has published widely on fashion, dress and the body, The Fashioned Body: fashion, dress and modern social theory (Polity, 2015) and The Aesthetic Economy of Fashion: markets and value in clothing and modelling (Berg, 2009). Her co-edited books include Body Dressing (with Elizabeth Wilson, Berg, 2001), and Fashioning Models: Image, Industry, Text (with Elizabeth Wissinger, 2012, Bloomsbury). Her new research interest in light and lighting, specifically artificial lighting in the public realm

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Agnès Rocamora

Dr Agnès Rocamora is a Reader in Social and Cultural Studies at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. She is the author of Fashioning the City: Paris, Fashion and the Media. Her writing on the field of fashion and on the fashion media has appeared in various journals, including Fashion Theory, Journalism Practice, Sociology, Sociétés, and the Journal of Consumer Culture. She is a co-editor of Thinking Through Fashion: A Guide to Key Theorists, of The Handbook of Fashion Studies, and of Fashion Media: Past and Present.

She is also a founder and co-editor of the International Journal of Fashion Studies and is on the editorial board of Cultural Sociology and of dObra[s]. She is currently developing her work on fashion and digital media.